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Continental Bengals
Marmoll Cattery

Bengal Cattery located in Central Europe, in the Czech Republic, near Prague

Run by:  Simona Sparandara
Contact: e-mail 
Tel.: (+420) 233 344 921
Mobile: (+420) 723 747 166
Skype: 1-516-208-2452 (U.S. number)
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Asian Leopard Cat Asian Leopard Cat, Prionailurus Bengalensis, the wild ancestor of domestic Bengals

Bundas Hope 
Marmoll Cattery

Continental BengalsOur Facility was reconstructed completely during 2002-2004 and provides spacious outdoor/indoor enclosures each of minimum 15 m sq. with particular attention paid to the cats’ needs for mental stimulation and physical exercise. Our cats also have access to our house at all times with play areas designed especially for them. Each cat gets a lot of individual attention and care. Kittens live with us inside the house resulting in perfectly socialized and well behaved cats. 

Feline facility

Facilities for felines

Domestic Bengal Cat Bengals Make Great Pets. Our Bengal cats are not only very beautiful and exotic looking; they are also incredibly friendly and non-aggressive. They thrive in a busy environment and do well with children as well as dogs and other house pets. Bengals are very active, social and clever cats, you can easily train them to play games, usually they love to fetch and they like to play in water. Bengals have warm loving personalities, they will welcome you when come home; they seek people out and have a need to be involved with all that goes on in the home.

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Bengal Cattery located in Central Europe, in the Czech Republic, near Prague

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